YouTube Kids supports Google Home, Cast TVs, and Smart Displays

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YouTube Kids — a platform where you can set limits on what sort of content your little one can see, how long they can watch videos, and even whether they can use the search bar. Over the past year, YouTube Kids also introduced human-curated channels and allowed parents to whitelist videos. Google is now broadening YouTube Kids’ reach by expanding support to Google Assistant-enabled Smart Displays, Google Home, and Cast TVs.

YouTube Kids is now available in Assistant’s Videos and Photos menu as a service that can be linked. To manage your YouTube Kids account through Google Assistant, head to settings and find it in the “Videos and Photos” section. Casting works by specifying the service in the voice command, and delivers a more child-friendly experience.

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Additionally, while YouTube Kids was already available on Android TV and LG, Samsung, and Sony Smart TVs, the new support for any Cast-connected TV brings it to a much larger demographic.

Four kid friendly Google Assistant Voices

Kids today are growing up with technology, so it’s important that their experiences are developmentally appropriate. We all are amazed by kids’ insatiable curiosity and to see that curiosity come to life in the many questions they ask Google Assistant. Google has launched a safer and educational experience, and is introducing four new kid-friendly voices. These new voices, were designed alongside kids and parents, were developed with a diverse range of accents to reflect different communities and ways of speaking. And like a favorite teacher, these voices speak in slower and more expressive styles to help with storytelling and aid comprehension.

To activate one of Assistant’s new kid-friendly voices, kids can simply say, “Hey Google, change your voice!” Parents can also help their child navigate to Assistant settings, where they can select a new voice from the options available.

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