80% of time spent in just five apps

In the world of intelligent apps, data will be king, new interfaces will transform applications into cross-platform macro-services.

Customers care more about your quality of service than your omnipresence

Customers don't care about your omni-ness, but they do about quality of service you provide.

Your Story is about People (not your Technology)

Customer should be at the heart of your content, not your products.

How Samsung became America’s #4 to #1 smartphone provider?

Samsung deconstructed iPhone and identified the weaknesses of product, to come up with a product that addressed those areas. Samsung hired Networked Insights, to do deep analysis of customers likes and dislikes using massive amounts of data aggregated online. Stay updated on Telegram with latest updates from Google Home/Assistant  ecosystem. The whole game comes to... Continue Reading →

Google Glass is the next big thing

The goal of Glass is to take your base sensory experience of the world and deliver it to you in a better, more livable, more enjoyable, more beautiful way.

Developing your Personal Brand

Whatever you decide distinguishes you in the marketplace of talent, make sure consistency is the bedrock of your brand.

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