The Wile E Coyote effect

There are years where nothing happens, and then there are weeks where years happen.

Overcome microwave mentality

A life coach shares one of her personal experiences and ways to overcome it.I recall one day standing by my microwave and thinking to myself, “Man, this sure is taking a long time!” As soon as those words entered my mind, I realized that I had been conditioned by instant-gratification ideology. I was no longer patient.... Continue Reading →

Roko mat Toko mat

Bachpan se bada koi school nahi, curiosity se badi koi teacher nahi.There is no greater school than childhood and no greater teacher than curiosity.Parle G(the largest selling brand of biscuits in the world) asks parents to encourage their child's curiosity and creativity in its campaign called 'Kal ke genius'. While the song has an '80s... Continue Reading →

Remembering Steve Jobs – the crazy one

For the first few seconds after I read this news on 5th, my world came crashing down on me. It was perhaps the only time that I didn’t care for the technology news; I didn’t want to write about it. Why doesn’t the world realize that my Hero is dead! I don’t care about a world... Continue Reading →

Six Principles of Change

Do you believe in change? Believing you can change encourages commitment to the process and enhances the likelihood of success. The belief that you can change is the key to change. This is not the powerlessness message of the 12 steps but rather the message of self-efficacy. Addictions are really no different from other behaviors—believing... Continue Reading →

How can I Make my Offline Life Easier?

Most of us are already hip-deep in online efficiency tools like shared calendars, code libraries, and rss feeds; here are 30 simple ways that you can make your life (the real one) easier: At HomeSynchronize recurring events. This can be done annually, monthly, or even weekly. As an example, there are many household tasks that... Continue Reading →

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