Google Home and Nest Mini are available in 17 countries

Google has the advantage of Android. Statcounter data show Android OS smartphone market share at 71.5% in August 2018. The advantage of having Google Assistant on a smartphone and smart speaker in the home is an advantage. Google also has search, YouTube, Android Auto and other services that will make it a formidable competitor.

Google Home and Home Mini are available in Italy and speak Italian

Google Home and Home Mini are up on the Italian Google Store. Italian is already supported by Assistant on phones, Actions on Google, and Allo, and now Home. This makes Italian the ninth available Assistant language for Google Home devices. And it does work for those who’ve imported Home to Italy. Google Assistant became available to Italian Android smartphone users in October 2017 and recognized both Northern and Southern Italian dialects at the time.

Google Home’s arrival in Italy will become the seventh country Home is available in. Italian has officially been added to the list of languages supported by Assistant on speakers –

Browse third-party actions on Google in the Italian Assistant directory here –

The Home and Home Mini are now available on the Italian store for

Update: 24-04-2018 Google Home Launches in Singapore, available now in 10 countries.

Google Home and Google Home Mini launched in Singapore and are now available for purchase through the company’s online store. Singapore is now the tenth country offering Google Home devices for sale. The devices are also being sold at local retailers Challenger, Courts and +StarHub.

Google Home and Google Assistant support Singapore English with many localization features as well as standard features already available to device users in other markets. This includes Singapore news and dialect recognition along with integration to YouTube and external devices such as televisions. Moreover, Google Assistant has enabled Actions with the launch of a developer platform, Actions on Google in Singapore. “This means lots of your favourite brands can build for the Google Assistant. Just say ‘Hey Google, talk to…’ and your Assistant will connect you with a range of Actions and services.

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Singapore Businesses Embrace Google Home

+Singapore Airlines, +National Library Board, Singapore, +OCBC Bank, StarHub and Bus Uncle have released Google Assistant apps for Google Home. StarHub announced that it had become the first local telco to offer Google Home in Singapore. The company also said it was offering free Google Home and Google Home Mini’s to new subscribers to its Home Hub Plus bundle which broadband, television and phone services. Challenger also said that its ValueClub members will receive SGD $20 discounts on Google Home devices.

A-Smart in tie-up to bring Google Home to more households here

A-Smart Holdings is partnering Google Asia Pacific to bring Google Home and Google Home Mini smart speakers to more Singaporean homes. It will work with real estate developers and contractors to establish the devices at local housing and property development projects.

The group will also collaborate with public organizations, associations and societies to conduct outreach, educational and awareness programmes on smart living using Google technologies.

Lim Huan Chiang, CEO of A-Smart Holdings, said that the company is already in talks with several organisations like HomeTeamNS, grassroots organisations, property developers as well as its corporate clientele to offer the devices to their staff and members.

The Google Home and Google Home Mini are powered by Google Assistant, which understands Singlish or Singaporean English terms like kopitiam and MRT.

Update: 26-06-2018 Google Home and Google Home Mini launch in Ireland and Austria

The Irish launch comes with a number of ‘Easter eggs’ focused for the Irish market. For example, saying “okay Google, what’s the craic?” elicits responses such as “whenever we hang out, the craic always hits 90” or “I’m grand, just hanging out in the cloud, let me know if I can help you with anything.”

There’s even a sly dig at County Mayo. Using the phrase “okay Google, Mayo for Sam?” elicits the response: “yeah, right.”

That brings the current number of countries in which the Home can be purchased up to 13. The number of languages that Google Assistant supports is 6.

Here are the Google Store links for each country:



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Update: 02-07-2018 Mexico becomes the 14th country to get Google Home

Google Home and Home Mini are now available in Mexico with native Spanish-language localization for Google Assistant. The devices are available through a number of retailers including: Best Buy, Coppel, Costco, Liverpool, Mercado Libre, Office Depot, RadioShack, Sanborns and Sears. Most of the retailers are apparently stocking Google Home smart speakers in store, but few have listed it online for sale as of this writing. Coppel is the only retailer that does have the devices listed for sale online.

Google Home and Google Home Mini started selling in Spain recently although Google Assistant has been available in Spanish since November 2017 in both Mexico and Spain. This move is viewed as critical by many because Spanish is the second most common native language and Mexico represents the first Latin American country to be able to purchase a smart speaker with a localized voice assistant.

This puts Amazon further behind in the global race to sell smart speakers. Amazon has not announced its plans for availability in Mexico or the broader Latin American market.

  • Google Home – MXN $3,649 (about US $184)
  • Google Home Mini MXN $1,499 (about US $75)

Update: 11-09-2018 Google beats Amazon, Apple and Samsung by launching Google Home first in South Korea

South Korea becomes 16th country for Google Home. Arriving in South Korea on September 18, Pre-orders start today.

Google Home and Google Home Mini are officially listed today in the Google Store for South Korea and are accepting waitlist registrations. Google is maintaining price consistency throughout the globe.

Google introduced the Korean language version of Google Assistant last year, Android smartphone users there can use the AI assistant service in Korean. They also recently enabled them to use Google Assistant in their vehicles through Android Auto. And developed Google Home to allow consumers to use the AI assistant in various devices.

South Korea was the third largest smart speaker market globally in terms of unit sales in Q1 2018 according to research firm Canalys. That growth was largely driven by SK Telecom, KT and Naver.

While South Korea has not had smart speakers from Google, Amazon and Apple before this month, the devices have been available from other manufacturers since at least 2016. Google Home entered the U.S. two years after Amazon Echo and followed the device into the U.K. and Germany by more than six months. Since that time, Google has enjoyed first-to-market smart speaker status in a number of countries including Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain and Singapore.

Beyond the incumbents, the bigger competition for Google in South Korea is likely to be Samsung. Bixby voice assistant is already widely used on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and South Korea is expected to be the first or second market to receive Galaxy Home shipments. The key difference is that Google Home is competing in the value segment with existing smart speaker suppliers while Samsung’s Galaxy Home is expected to compete as a premium device at more than twice the cost. Release of Google Home Max in South Korea could create a direct competition between the two companies.

Update: 17-10-2018 Home devices will make their way to Denmark, Norway & Sweden on October 24th.

Users from The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway will soon join the party. In an official announcement, Google declared “the wait is over” for Dutch customers eager to get their hands on a Home or Home Mini. The full suite of voice commands are available, in addition to custom actions created by third-party developers, as well as smart home controls for brands such as Philips or Nest. Users can also listen to Dutch news sources.

This will complete Google’s planned rollout for the year. Google Assistant only recently learned to speak Swedish in August, followed by Danish and Norwegian in September.

Danish users can set their sights on pre-ordering at Elgiganten where the products are already listed, whereas Dutch users can pre-order at Albert Heijn,, CoolBlue, and MediaMarkt. Official pre-orders from Google may go live sooner, but in-store availability is set for October 24th.

  • Google Home – 149€
  • Google Home Mini – 59€

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Google Home availability has doubled its country count in just nine months. It was available in eight countries entering 2018 and has added eight more including Austria, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Singapore, Spain and now South Korea and four more countries are still expected for 2018 launch. For those of you keeping count, Amazon Echo is only available in 11 countries with two more expected this year.

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